Leostream Business Solutions

The Leostream Connection Broker provides solutions that deliver end-user resources with unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and security. No matter if your users need dedicated hardware or virtual machines, Linux or Windows, the Leostream Connection Broker helps you ensure that the proper resources are always accessible.

Learn how the Leostream Connection Broker delivers solutions that support:

Hosted Desktop Infrastructure (HDI)
Provide user's with dedicated hardware in the datacenter

Remote Access
Simplify access to user's desktops from anywhere

Pixel-perfect Graphics
Support graphically-intense applications with native performance

Embrace the initiative that sweeping the nation

Mobile Workforce and Flexwork
Allow users to work when and where they want

Security, compliance, & continuity
Meet all your corporate requirements

Manage all your users with a single system

End user experience
USB devices, printers, whatever your users need