Remote Access for
Virtual & Physical Workstations

Remote Access to Anything, from Anywhere, for Anyone

VDI, HCI, Hosted Applications, Clouds, Virtual Workstations, Physical Workstations, Thin Clients, Zero Clients, the list goes on. Leostream manages user-to-resource assignments and connections in large-scale enterprise environments from wherever your users roam. 


Simple configuration

Set it and forget it. Configure pools and policies once and your configurations are automatically applied to new desktops and users.


On-prem, Edge, and Cloud

Manage all your resources, on-prem, edge, and cloud, from a single, unified, web-based administrator interface.



Provide user access to resources locked in a private network through an advanced security gateway.


Remote Access For All

Remote access isn't just for the datacenter. Mange user connections to and from just about anything, including physical workstations, thin clients, and zero clients, with Leostream. 


Multi-Factor Authentication

Leostream authenticates users against standard corporate authentication servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory, and provides MFA using SAML, RADIUS, or DUO.



Thin clients and zero clients are great, but what happens when you're on the road with nothing but an iPad and a WiFi hotspot? Connect to your resources with our built-in HTML5 based viewer.

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