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How a Connection Broker Simplifies a Hosted Desktop Environment

When moving resources into the data center, you have a lot of things to think about.  With all the moving pieces you’re juggling, the connection broker is probably the last thing on your mind. But, it happens to also be a very important piece, and waiting until you’ve designed the rest of your data center to consider the connection broker can be detrimental to the overall usability of your system. This eBook discusses 5 scenarios where including a connection broker into your design from the get-go can future-proof and improve your hosted desktop solution. 

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Key Considerations for Delivering Linux Hosted Desktops

Enterprises around the world are realizing the benefits of hosting open source Linux operating systems in internal datacenters and delivering Linux virtual machines to end users. While most VDI solutions have Microsoft Windows Operating Systems down pat, Linux often gets short-changed. Enter the Leostream Connection Broker, the centralized connection management layer you need to deliver physical and virtual desktops. Using Leostream, you can provide users with access to the right type of desktop, including Linux! This whitepaper discusses four key considerations for handling Linux operating systems in a hosted desktop environment.

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Hosted Desktop Solutions with Pixel-Perfect Graphics

Organizations can improve resource utilization and provide pixel-perfect screen rendering through a strategic combination of connection broker and display protocol technologies. Connection brokers, such as the Leostream Connection Broker, provide the policy logic to ensure that users have access to the correct resources and to allow multiple users to share resources. Advanced display protocols, such as OpenText Exceed onDemand, provide innovative designs that deliver complex 2-D and 3-D X Window applications to users, whether they are just down the hallway or halfway across the globe. This whitepaper describes how to combine the Leostream and OpenText solutions to optimize resource utilization and user productivity.

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Leostream as a Remote Access Solution

Snow days, sick days, any out-of-the-office days can turn into productive days with the right remote access solution. By using the Leostream Connection Broker to provide users with remote access to their desktops, enterprises can reap the benefits of remote access while securing and managing their desktops using the benefits found in an enterprise-class VDI connection broker. This whitepaper shows how, in five simple steps, you can configure Leostream to provide remote access to your users.

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Tip sheet: The top 5 considerations to address before deploying a large-scale VDI

Your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) needs to be robust, highly resistant to failure, and flexible enough to meet individual user needs, but there are a host of other questions that need to be addressed in order to ensure a successful VDI rollout. This short guide provides a series of questions related to five areas important for VDI deployment planning including: heterogeneous systems, viewer protocols, authentication and directory services, desktop control, and policies.

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