Leostream periodically presents live and on-demand Webinars on topics related to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Cloud Desktops.

On-demand Webinar: Conquering VDI Demands with Cloud Desktops built on HP Public Cloud

Are you excited about the potential benefits of VDI, but finding it to be too costly and complex?

Leostream's virtualization expert, Karen Gondoly and guest speaker Marty Duey of HP Public Cloud discuss how your organization can conquer VDI demands with cloud desktops built on HP Public Cloud.

This exclusive webinar will introduce you to cloud desktops - a flexible, easy-to-deploy, cost-effective VDI solution for your organization.

  • VDI vs the Public Cloud - Why move into the cloud in the first place?
  • Potential benefits of VDI in the Public Cloud.
  • How to set up a cloud desktop on HP Public Cloud

On-demand Webinar: Cloud desktops, can You Deliver?

With so many virtualization options on the market today, how do cloud desktops fit into the mix and when should they be your desktop delivery model of choice?

View this on-demand webinar and learn when to deliver desktops in the cloud.

Leostream's virtualization gurus will outline the use cases for cloud desktops during a 1 hour presentation and product demonstration

You will learn:

  • The difference between VDI and cloud desktops
  • How cloud desktops can lower your barrier of entry to VDI
  • What distinguishes a semi-private cloud from a private cloud
  • When to use cloud desktops
  • Your options for delivering desktops in the cloud
  • How to get up and running

On-demand Webinar: Why VDI? An Introduction

Whether you are in the process of researching VDI solutions, implementing VDI in a trial or proof-of-concept environment, or preparing for a large-scale VDI deployment, you require a solution that makes VDI work for you - for your existing and future infrastructure, your users, your budget, and your organization's desktop security and usage policies.

It goes without saying that your VDI needs to be robust, highly resistant to failure and flexible enough to meet individual user needs, but there are a host of other considerations that need to be addressed in order to make your VDI rollout a success. For example:

  • Is there more than one type of directory service to be integrated?
  • Can the system pool and hard-assign machines to meet the needs of varied user groups?
  • Can the system manage cross-domain authentication? Even without trusts?
  • Will management tools impose limitations on underlying systems, the users that can be accommodated, and the architectural design of the system?

You will most likely need to incorporate a range of systems - current, legacy and future - if VDI is to serve as a true replacement for traditional desktop computing. Whether VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Linux, Sun, ActiveDirectory, eDirectory - or a mix of all - you need a way to tie all of the pieces together, get up and running quickly, and deliver an outstanding desktop experience to your end users. Click here to view the on-demand Webinar...