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Leostream Network Architecture

In this video, learn how all the pieces of the Leostream solution work together in your hosted resource environment.

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Step 1: Registering Authentication Servers with Leostream

This setup guide covers registering your authentication servers with your Connection Broker.

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Step 2: Creating Centers in Leostream

This setup guide covers how to create Connection Broker Centers. The Connection Broker uses centers to inventory and manage all the resources (like desktops, applications and printers) in your environment.

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Step 3: Building Pools in Leostream

This setup guide covers creating pools of desktops and applications that are used to offer desktops to users.

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Step 4: Using Plans in Leostream

This setup guide describes Protocol, Power Control, and Release plans, and shows how to build plans for common scenarios such as persistent desktops or single-use desktops.

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Tutorial: Configuring Your Leostream Connection Broker

In this video, walk through step-by-step instructions for configuring your Leostream Connection Broker 9.0.

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