Tutorial: Creating Centers in Leostream


If you don’t create centers, the Connection Broker has no way of knowing what resources you plan to deliver to your end users. The Connection Broker uses centers to:

  • Inventory your desktops, images, printers, and more
  • Power control virtual machines
  • Provision new virtual machines in vSphere, AWS, Azure, and OpenStack
  • Offer desktops to users

VCAD_persistantPool_img_1 Leostream defines centers as the external systems that inform the Connection Broker about desktops and other resources (such as printers and Teradici PC-over-IP host devices) that are available for assignment to end users.


To add a center to your Connection Broker.

1. Go to the > Setup > Centers page.


2. Click the Add Center link.


3. The Add Center form opens. Select the hosting platform you want to connect to from the Typedrop-down menu. The remainder of the form changes to display the appropriate information for your selected type.


4. Enter the information needed to connect to your selected hosting platform. See the Leostream Administrator’s Guide for instructions regarding each center type.


5. Click Save.


6. To view the desktops that the Connection Broker registered from the center, go to the > Resources > Desktops page.

What’s Next?

After you create your centers, it’s time to build some Pools. See the Building Pools setup for more information.

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