Tutorial: Building Pools in Leostream


Use pools to create sets of desktops that you want the Connection Broker to manage similarly when the desktops in the pool are offered to end users. The Connection Broker uses pools to:

  • Decide which desktops to offer to a particular user
  • Assign protocol, power control, and release plans to the offered desktop
  • Trigger the provisioning of new virtual machines
  • Allow different users to manage different sets of desktops

VCAD_persistantPool_img_1 The Leostream Connection Broker defines a pool as any group of desktops or applications.


To create a desktop pool:

1. Go to the > Configuration > Pools page.

2. Click the Create Pool link.

3. The Create Pool form opens. Enter a unique name for this pool in the Name edit field.

4. From the Subset of pool drop-down menu, indicate if the pool you are creating should be chosen from the contents of a parent pool.

5. From the Define pool using drop-down menu, choose the method to use to build this pool. For example, you can create a pool that consists of all the desktops gathered from a center or all the desktops in a certain IP address range.

6. Fill in the remainder of the Create Pool form to define the desktops in this pool. See the Leostream Administrator’s Guide for detailed instructions on building pools using the different methods.

7. Click Save. The > Configuration > Pools page shows the new pool,indented under its parent pool.

What’s Next?

After you create your pools, it’s time to build Protocol, Power Control, and Release Plans. See the Using Plans setup for more information.

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