It all starts with the Connection Broker.

The Leostream Connection Broker is a vendor-independent solution with unparalleled flexibility and scalability, and is the leader in Hosted Desktop Infrastructure (HDI) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) management. Using Leostream, IT can provide users with access to the right type of desktop, Windows or Linux, with the right level of performance, from workstation blades to VMs to RDS, using the best protocol for the job, from HP RGS to Teradici PCoIP.


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Hosted Desktop Infrastructures (HDI)

hosted desktop infrastructure (HDI) removes the virtual requirement from a hosted desktop solution, relying instead on dedicated hardware in the datacenter for each user. Leostream manages hosted desktops running on HP Moonshot Systems, as well as hosted workstations and blades. Using HDI, you can provide end users with the performance they need while securing their data in the data center.

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Linux Workstations and VDI

The Leostream Connection Broker is the only vendor-independent connection broker to support Linux operating systems in the datacenter. Using Leostream, you can manage Windows and Linux desktops side-by-side, providing users with access to whichever, or both, they need using the display protocol that’s best for their application.

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Support Rich, Flexible Display Protocols

Leostream supports over ten display protocols, including protocols tailored for systems running graphic-intense applications. Leverage the performance of Teradici PCoIPHP Remote Graphics Software (RGS), or Exceed onDemand to provide each user with the best performance for their application.

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"For me, Leostream connection broker is the “best option” and the “must-have” piece of technology to build a robust VDI infrastructure!

Proven success across a variety of industries.

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Humberto Duarte Rennes 2 university, France

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